The Blue Baron


The purpose of this blog is to get my ideas out in the open. For years Ive published books that nobody read, revealed thoughts that drew only eyebrows, had insights that faded into the subconscious. Ive entered the 4th quarter of my career and the back nine of my life so this is the last chance to do something worthwhile. The digital age is disastrous in many ways but one of its few attributes allows the solo artist an outlet a channel for his creations regardless of patronage. Time has a way of turning the tables. I have many interests and intend to indulge them here. The theme is mindfulness, the milieu fun, the undercurrent humor. Let the blog lead us where it may. By nature I like to wing it so I hope you do too. All updates will occur according to whim. Dialog is encouraged. Needless to say, cretins, scalawags, degenerates, poseurs, pusillanimous pipsqueaks and neer- do-wells will not be tolerated.

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